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This Journal can be used as a visual store-keeping of your thoughts, and emotions. Each artistic color creation is a visual representation of your mind on a given day. The questionnaire section allows you to reflect on your thoughts, and the image section allows you to express them. As you go through the book you will notice that the imagery is redundant because the goal of Mental Cleanse is to use coloring as therapy. Although the illustration is the same each day, the color and imagery changes as your state of mind shifts.

Customer Reviews

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Evelyn Anderson
Therapeutic and Insightful

The Therapy Journal provides a therapeutic outlet for expressing emotions and thoughts through colors and imagery. It's a beautiful way to gain insights into your mind's shifts.

Abigail Martinez
Mindful Coloring

This journal encourages mindful coloring, helping me stay present and focused on my emotions and feelings.

Elizabeth Thompson
Daily Self-Reflection

The questionnaire section prompts deep self-reflection, allowing me to process my thoughts and experiences on a daily basis.

Sofia Garcia
Artistic Expression

I love the freedom of artistic expression this journal offers. It's like creating a unique piece of art every day.

Emily Hernandez
Visual Diary

The imagery section serves as a visual diary, documenting my emotional journey and growth over time.